Is this possible?

Is there a way the auto select the channel fader of an instrument by selecting a MIDI track?

The reason I’d like to do this is because I have an Alphatrack which I can adjust the volume of a track by just selecting it. It works fine with audio and instrument tracks, but if I use a multitimbral instrument, selecting the MIDI track will just select the MIDI channel fader. I’d like to be able to auto select the instrument fader via the MIDI track without having to manualy select it.

No I’m afraid not, because Cubase’s MIDI tracks don’t know how a VSTi internally is handling its routing (so MIDI -> Module inside VSTi -> Output).
Would be nice though.
A workaround to make life easier is to move the VSTi output channels below or above the MIDI track, or put them together in a folder.

ah, never mind…

Good workaround though, didn’t think of that… Thanks. :slight_smile:

oh, you can easily group the midi fader with instrument fader, why not?

You mean group as in link?

yes, link channels.

How do you overcome the difference in fader resolution between a MIDI and an Audio track?