Is this possible?

Hello :slight_smile:
I have an idea! Please tell me if i’m too wishful or if im missing something…
What I would like to do is be able to start a midi track on cubase, and have it have some type of SysEX attached to the beginning that would have it send parameters to my Korg Kronos.
Now you may be thinking, why would I want to do that…
Well, different songs need the same leads and pads sometimes, with slight variations. Some songs i do for clients may even have sounds I would never use myself, therefor would not want to save to my keyboard. yes, I could save them to my a sound file on a thumbdrive and load it up on my keyboard each time i loaded a session… but that requires effort and time, and cubase has made my life use so much less of those because it’s so amazing :slight_smile:

Essentially heres what i’d like:
When i select the midi track, and play it back, it would send a program to my kronos, not a program change, a sysex message containing all the parameters. I would then record the part on audio, and then disable the midi track so it does not keep sending program changes.
That way, when a client wants to change a keyboard part, but liked the sound and it may be modified or completely new, i can just load up the session and re send that sysex, fix the midi parts that they want changed, and go about my day.

If you need more info, i will be happy to elaborate :slight_smile:

I will be cross posting this to the korg forums, as this may apply to all DAWS and of course synth users.

Thank you!

Simply record the SysEx data into Cubase…

i have been doing this for years , when i use my outboard synths i save the sysex for that track, so if i return to that project all my outboard synths go straight back to there settings. just leave the sysex at the beginning of the project and a gap before your project starts.