Is this possible?

Hello, new Cubase user here…so pleeease be gentle with me! :wink:

Some setup info:
XLR microphone connected to input 1 on my Yamaha/Steinberg UR824 interface, which is connected to my Windows PC using USB. My active studio monitors are connected to my Creative Soundblaster ZxR soundcard.

As I was saying, just started using Cubase(v8 pro) and I wondered, if it was possible to configure Cubase to output through my soundcard, so that I can hear what I just recorded, through my speakers(currently using headphones)?
Only way I found so far, was to switch the ASIO driver from the Yamaha UR824 driver to the Creative ASIO one. But this also ONLY allows me to output the sound…in need to change back to the Yamaha driver, in order to use the input again.

So, is there a way to “combine” these 2 features? Maybe have 2 ASIO drivers enabled at once? The yamaha for input and the Creative for speaker output? Or am I forced to swap the speaker cables to the Yamaha interface?

Kind regards


Hello Mr_DJ

sorry, I got bad news for you. Cubase (or other DAW) can only comunicate with one Audio device since this goes through the driver. I’m sure your UR824 has at least ONE headphone output. You should connect your studio speakers to the UR824 too. Normally the ASIO drivers only support one product. Sometimes you can chain mutliple ASIO devices from the same manufacturer which all are managed with the same ASIO driver.
You can try the driver ASIO4ALL ( - if you are lucky, it will recognise the Creative Soundblaster ZxR and the UR824 but it will come with a lot more latency than the native drivers for the UR824 and - I guess - the Soundblaster.
My PC ins configured such that all DAW (Cubase 8 Pro and Studio One 2 Artist) are using the ASIO driver for the Presonus 8x interface and the internal sound chip of the PC is used for all other PC entertainment (YouTube, MP3, Skype) stuff.
The Presonus connects to the studio monitor speakers where two of its 8 inputs record the signal from the internal sound chip of the PC so I have all signals on the two studio speakers.
From what I understand, the Creative Soundblaster ZxR is more suitable to create 5.1 surround (for games and movies) whereas the UR824 is mainly made for music production and multi track recording.