Is this possible?

Probably a daft question but is it poss to route the audio from Cubase to the Mixbus mixer?

read that someone was doing this with pro tools so just wondering…the Mixbus mixer is lovely,

best, kevin


In general, yes it is possible. The question his, how… I don’t know, how the guy did it with Pro Tools. There are multiple ways, to do it, in general.

  1. Route all Outputs from Cuabse to a Digital Outs, and connect them back to the Digital In of your Audio Device. Then in the Mixbus, use these Inputs.
  2. Use any “virtual cable” software to make a virtual routing of the above.
  3. You can Export/Import OMF (if Mixbus supports it).

very interesting, once I’ve figured out what you’ve said I’ll give it a go…thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: