Is this really how comps are suppose to behave?

I’ve been on Cubase for awhile now and something that I still find bizarre is how comps (or events with multiple takes) behave when it comes to dragging/moving/copy/pasting. I’ve gotten pretty used to the quirks but I can’t help but wonder if this is really the intended behavior.

For example, if I want to move an event containing multiple takes to another track, or even just move it left or right, I have to hold left click, drag across the desired event, and then shift drag it once its highlighted. If I don’t left click drag to select the event, and simply click it instead, Cubase will instead only grab one take from the event.

Another one is copy pasting. Cubase just straight up doesn’t copy paste comps for me. When I paste I only get one take, similarly to what was mentioned above. My work around has been to convert the comp to a part with the “Events to Part” function. Only then does copy pasting work as expected.

Is this how Cubase behaves for everyone else? It’s so unintuitive to the point where I’m wondering if I have some weird preference saved somewhere.