Is this scrolling behavior on playback normal?

In the following (unedited) session, while in Galley view the playhead stays persistently to the far left of the screen while I’m playing, even when I’m not touching the keyboard or mouse:

I would have presumed the position of the music would remain stationary, and the green playhead would advance from the left side of the screen to the far right, then the screen would be updated and the playhead would appear at left again with the process continuing. I should add that I would also expect that should I scroll horizontally with my mouse while playing back, that the playhead would also move to accommodate me. However, this is also not the case - no matter what I do, it stays to the far left. Please let me know what gives with much thanks!

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Just an update: I re-started the session and the problem went away (very strange).

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A handful of users have reported this problem, where sporadically Dorico fails to move the music during playback in galley view. Unfortunately we have never seen this internally, despite spending a good amount of time attempting to reproduce it, and so for the time being there’s nothing we can do to fix it. As you have found, closing and reopening the project is typically sufficient to get things moving again.

I’ve seen this too: it may be triggered by starting playback when the green line is near the far left of the window. I rather like it.

Oh yes. And it is a real fun to do this every 5 minutes.

Predictably, I have to agree with ReRei here. It does seem like a bug; it seems more likely to appear after an extended period of time with Dorico (2 too).

Maybe one of the Steinberg team has a youngster who could come in and work on it for an hour or so on ‘Bring your offspring to work’ day until they see it :neutral_face: .

Yes. For me, the problem is reliably fixed by closing and re-opening, but reliably returns after a while. Maybe not every 5 minutes, but certainly every 15.

It was the first time I specifically remember noticing it (I’ll let you know if it happens again) but definitely feels like a bug (that should be suitably squashed at some point for sure)…

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