Is This The Bug Of The Decade?

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In the MIDI Key Editor, highlight a note. Now drag it somewhere—either moving or alt/copying? When you drop it down on the destination and it sounds the note? It will often play a note 1 step off the correct pitch. Not always, but a LOT. I am -sure- there is a pattern to this (and I’m sure I took the time to report it 5 years ago!) but I can’t recall now.

But that’s the thing–it’s been doing it since SX1.

Which is ten years, right?



Hi suntower,

what exactly is the problem? The note playing after dragging? There’s a little speaker icon in the midi editor, top left. Turn it on to hear, off not to hear the event.

Is that what you mean at all?

Not wanting to speak for the OP but, no that’s not what he meant!


I have the same problem in the Cubase 6.5. I’m not sure, it was in Cubase 5. I don’t think so, in my opinion, Cubase 6 is the first one, which does this. When I’m moving MIDI Notes in the Key Editor, it often plays different note (1 half note lower or heigher), from the really placed note.

It is weird that this was brought up. I thought I was going crazy when I heard this and figured it was just me. Is this really an issue others are experiencing?

I +1 this thread for the strange behaviour.


Been like it for ages (so I guess SX1 is when it started) and it’s a pain - often you drag something somewhere and it sounds wrong, but it’s not. Always fun when you’re with a client and they think you’ve lost your mind / ears. Not confidence-inspiring for the people I teach either.

Not happening here. Could it be an obscure preference? Either a preference that cures it or causes it !?

It makes immediately after Preferences Trash to me.

I understand why people might think, ‘this just started with C6’ or whatever. Memory is a funny thing.

Trust me… it’s been happenin’ since 2003. I was a beta tester back in the day and it was always on the board for fixing. The policy was this: unless the tester gave a step-by-step repro such things were generally ignored by the engineers in favour of showstoppers.

My point is that it’s such a basic thing—but it’s like a word processor where a copy/paste doesn’t work every once in a while. Basic editing like this s.b. 110% reliable.

I don’t know what it says about SB, but it says something. I mean, I’ll notice these bug reports of fixes that are just so -arcane- and it puzzles me when stuff like this—which applies to the vast majority of users never get fixed.



I’ve been here just over a year and have never seen it mentioned. I’ve been using Cubase for 20 years nearly and never seen it on my machines. Was that public beta testing?

Never noticed it :confused:

If this hasn’t happened to you? You don’t use the MIDI Key Editor much.

You can increase your chances of making it happen in a couple of ways:

  1. Alt drag (to copy a note to a destination.

  2. Drag a note outside the boundary of the event.

  3. Drag or alt drag -quickly-… like yer dropping down lots of hi-hats or drawing a scale.

  4. Again, quickly drag a note up an octave, change yer mind and immediately move it down a step or two.

IOW: I think the -speed- of the dragging or moving outside the boundary increases the chances.

My guess is that if you’re having trouble re-creating, it’s because you only MIDI edit infrequently and when you do it’s ONE NOTE AT A TIME like someone’s grandma. But people who edit a -lot- (like me) are dragging copying, pasting like FIENDS left and right, changing our minds, reversing course and so on. And I think part of the problem is that Cubase doesn’t quite ‘keep up’ with lots of rapid movements like this… which is why it’s hard to repro.


I am CONSTANTLY editing in the Key Ed. since SX2, and I have never seen any wierdness. But I will admit, you aren’t making very clear exactly what is happening. Is the pitch wrong of the moved note? I have read both posts 2x, and am still not clear as to exactly what you are seeing here.


Yes. Some people make their music by playing instruments instead of moving rectangles on their computer screen. How sad! Isn’t it? :smiling_imp:

That’s not necessarily true. It just means that some people experience the bug and others don’t, which is why it has been hard for Steinberg to fix it (at least that’s what I’m assuming). Trying to fix an intermitent bug like this could make things worse and lead to wasted development time (and money). It’s probably the reason why it hasn’t been cruched yet. I will try those things you say trigger the bug and will report back then. So far I haven’t experience this, and I use the Key Editor quite a bit.

Ahh! There 's the rub!
Intermittent is always a PITA to troubleshoot.

Cannot reproduce problem [bug]here.

If I grab a note (MIDI event) and move it anywhere
on the grid, the event will ‘sound’ at each position
on the grid until I release it.
At that point the event ‘sounds’ at the proper pitch.


This has been mentioned “since forever” as an “old bug” even back when it wasn’t so old. Maybe my workflow is different because I don’t think I ever noticed it or stumbled upon it, but I sure have heard about it!

Wow - that sounds like a major ball-ache. :astonished:
Not that it’ll help at all, but in around 20 years of using Cubase on Atari, PC & Mac I have never had that issue

Same here, except for the Mac… Also, I’m still not clear on what exactly the issue is.