Is This The Bug Of The Decade?

I think the pattern to this is, you drag the note to a destination only you jiggle at the last second and pass over the adjacent note and that note sounds and not the note position where you actually end up landing.
If you highlight a note and use the up/down arrows all the notes passed over will sound until you get to the destination note.
I don’t think it looks that annoying to call it the bug of the decade. I mean, it hasn’t stopped you working for the last ten years?

Nope. You’ll get the wrong note even after you ‘land’. To get the -right- note, you have to de-select the note, then re-select it.

It’s the Bug Of The Decade because it never got fixed and it’s not in some arcane area of the program. It happens to me at least 2x a day and has done so on 8-9 PCs on 6 versions of SX over 10 years.

If it hasn’t happened to you? Great. I used to work at a big software company with the same attitude. We’d constantly piss off customers by telling them we couldn’t reproduce. Funny thing though… We’d send trainers out to customer sites and they’d get ATTACKED by users only to happy to punish a company representative for their lack of sensitivity. It turns out that we were -far- less likely to encounter such things because we always did things ‘the right way’… ie. we wouldn’t follow the same set of keystrokes as many end users so we never stumbled upon it. But it didn’t take long for an engineer to figure it out if they could just -watch- the end user performing their tasks for 5 minutes. My guess is that if someone from SB could watch me—or someone like me, via webcam, they’d figure it out in 5 minutes as well. In this day and age that doesn’t seem far-fetched at all, and I think they’d fix a -lot- of strange things -very- quickly if they adopted this strategy with testers. Putting the onus on users to do a ‘repro’ means that LOTS of things will -never- get fixed.

No it hasn’t stopped me from working. Just made it that much less convenient. But hey, who cares about -that-, right? I should be grateful for what I have, never complain… and so forth and so on…


I don’t recall ever getting any wrong notes in the Key Editor.

JC - unfortunately your ability to properly explain what you are seeing is not on par with your ability to complain.

Until I see a detailed step-by-step repro with the precise effect, I am writing this one off as OE.


Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce this no matter how much I wiggle the note. I even tried playing a fast melody by moving it around the Key Editor, but it still performed as expected. Not sure what else to do at this point, sorry.

Have a nice weekend!

In view of that then trying to solve via a forum seems dumb. Just complaining by forum is even dumber. Or do you just want Steinberg to send round a "trainer " for you to attack? :mrgreen:
That was absurd company policy. You only have to look at the dolts here to know that “sending round a trainer” could be a pretty dangerous enterprise.
That thousands don’t get it and only a few do means that the bug is unlikely to be in the software unless the majority are too dumb to use Cubase right and see the “bug of the decade”. :mrgreen: (like those “trainers” the “company” sent round)

Easy fix is to play the notes right in the first place so you don’t have to drag thousands of the blighters around and annoy yourself so much.


Could you please stop treating experienced users such as suntower in a condescending way ? he (and several others, here) deserves respect for his Cubase knowledge and I guess that if if he made this thread, it’s not for his pleasure : other posters have confirmed key editor strange behavior and this means that there is a problem in it which needs a further investigation.

I didn’t experienced the flaw myself, to be honest, simply because I don’t use the key editor this way : I use it mainly to fix the tempo of few notes here and there, just by moving them a little.

I don’t know what is your aim posting here, but please be sure of one thing : Steiny doesn’t need a troll for its defence and, seeing your nearly 1400 posts, the main direction is bashing users who have the boldness to point issues, this with the systematically used ‘Mr Green’ smilie. Sorry to say, but I never found anything useful in all of them. In the end, don’t you have something more useful to do ? :unamused:

Nothing wrong with a complaint, mate. You should, if it is a major issue for you!

But calling an issue that you reported 5 years ago or at some time so far back that you cannot even recall, and have not persisted reporting since, the “bug of the decade”!? It could be it’s a ten year old bug, but hardly of the decade… if your Cubase was crashing every other day, you would report it once and then wait for five years until bumping it?

I don’t do strange trolley things like COUNT anyone elses posts and follow them around commenting on theirs.
And I don’t tell people what to do and I don’t tell lies about other posters never helping others.
I always give advice and whether experienced or not, I don’t discriminate, they get the same treatment. If I think something is a dumb things to do I’ll say so. Quite often it’s a lot more helpful, from bumping the post at least, than anyone making pointless comments about other posters.
I don’t defend Steinberg I try and point out why they don’t answer, believe me, in the nicest way as if I actually said half of what the actual situation really is then quite a lot of serial complainers would end up in a mental institution. :mrgreen:
Bug of the decade? The minor annoyance of the decade more like. More annoying would be that the notes aren’t RIGHT in the first place. And it seems from the answers, even your own, that it’s a minority issue. You’ve seen it often?
Tell me where.

Your case is sound asleep. You’ve pointed out what I didn’t dare. :mrgreen:

PS Might sound strange but try reverting back to an older driver for your soundcard or midi interface.

I think all such bugs should be fixed. I didn’t report it for 5 years because I was using other software most of that time. Whether one repeatedly reports a problem makes no difference to SB. Trust me, I and many others have posted the same reports for months/years on end and it makes no diff. My only point in posting was a bit of gentle chiding. To note how not much changes through the years… bugs never get fixed… SB doesn’t interact and afa the ‘membership’ the names change, but rude behaviour never goes out of style.

I made a similar ‘complaint’ post over @ the Wavelab forum last week—I’m getting back to WL and I dislike the new UI intensely. Compare and contrast. PG himself responds quickly and constructively. And I thank him for his consideration of my request and once again express my appreciation for all his great work over the years. Most people agree with the general thrust of my post. Some disagree. Regardless, everyone is polite.

When I posted here? I forgot I was at the Cubase forum.

An old user once told me something I didn’t believe, but I now realise is quite true: He said, ‘Whenever someone posts something you don’t like, just use your Ignore Filter. Over time, criticising other users will only ruin things. Respond to the posts where you can help but try not to act like the ‘police’. It never helps.’ Baz? You were so right. And I was so wrong.


I naturally agree that bugs should be eliminated.

Regarding the rest of the paragraph, Steinberg most definitely interact with folks on the forum. Like all businesses Steinberg cannot be out here chatting, for several reasons. E.g. it is a relatively small outfit, compared to many others, especially when considering Steinberg as a pioneering market leader in music technology.

Well, I certainly agree with this old user, to a point.

But, to say that criticism doesn’t help I have to disagree strongly with. For example, modern news-like super-inflated headlines for information with no apparent extraordinary weight (in the context), should be criticised because in my opinion such “OMG” puffs ruin a lot more than the criticism aimed towards them.

Sadly, if you want no criticism, a public international forum on the Internet is not the place. For that, you will have to go local, as inside your own mind, and even then, your subconscious might unexpectedly issue criticism.

Another old goat said, “Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

If criticism and “saying things others’ don’t like” is pointing out that the complaints are in the wrong place then. Guilty m’lud.
I’m trying to gently tell the poster that what might look like a good ole complaint to the company and also pushes the “You tell 'em!” buttons actually is pretty useless.
If you can bombard the forum every day then it would be far more effective, easier and less stressful to bombard the support team every day instead.
If I had a problem I considered serious I wouldn’t waste much time here as only relatively simple problems are solved or even solvable from a forum.
If you buy business software, which Cubase is, and run a business then approach it in a businesslike way.
Writing to the company on your own headed notepaper is the way most businesses do it even now.
Post on a forum and they don’t know if you’re Peter Gabriel or a goatherd.


For what its worth. I havent ever experienced this in the 20 years that Ive been using pro24/cubase…
I think it is indeed to do with the exact keystrokes and manner of working etc… perhaps even cpu…

Nevertheless I think its counterproductive to be a non-believer and not take this seriously…
So JC… can you take the time and write down:

  1. Your exact setup, computer, soundcard etc.
  2. A step by step walk through of the work flow to emulate the problem. We want to know the exact note, duration, octave, velocity, and that for each note in the sequence… and what notes comprise the sequence… then we want to know which note you drag, how you drag (left, or right mouse button whatever), what type of mouse you use… which note you drag to where and where exactly you drop it, what your zoom setting is in the midi editor window etc… the more detail, the better.

If you can supply us with those things, we can have a go at replicating it with a higher chance of success…
I often find writing this stuff down helps me to narrow down the probable cause to the point where I actually solve it… not saying that this will solve yours but definitely clarify things for all the readers…

A bug can only be described as a bug if it is repeatable, by a specific chain of events.

If some users don’t have the problem, then it is not a bug in the software as such, but probably a compatability issue with something in certain systems, like a MIDI interface, Mouse Driver, Graphics card or similar. It could even be a processing power issue, by trying to do something too quickly and maxing out the CPU for a moment.

I have never come across this bug, and have tried very hard to reproduce it, but it has never shown up for me.

I had a problem with Cubase for years, that when I crossed the two screens with the mouse, the ASIO would jitter - the solution for that was the Graphics Card (Cubase doesn’t like a Matrox P690), It seemed unlikely that a Graphics card would cause an ASIO issue, but it was. It didn’t turn out to be a Cubase bug, as the solution was elsewhere.

It could be a similar issue with this “bug” of the decade, but the OP hasn’t mentioned if it happens with a MIDI track (external port or VSTi) or an Instrument Track.

Hi there,

please check this topic that explains how to report a bug:

The problem is that if we can not find the bug, how are we supposed to fix it?


I can confirm this bug (yes, I call it a bug), and yes…it has been occuring since waaay back. Atleast since SX3 on 4 different systems and configurations. Also had this a couple of times in Cubase 6.5 and I only got it a few weeks back.

Happens every now and then, but hasn’t bothered me too much. I guess I’ve gotten used to it.

As the site admin already said, unless you properly report the bug (with 100% reproducible steps), then this bug will keep being neglected. There’s no way Steinberg can fix something that cannot be reproduced reliably. It would cause more problems then it could solve. If you guys (people having this issue) could take the time to figure this out, then I’m sure they would squash this one in a future update. You’ve got their attention. Now’s your chance!!!

BTW, simply stating that you experience the bug doesn’t help them at all. Do a screen capture, record a video or whatever it takes to get this fix, IF that’s what you really want. I don’t experience this bug, so it’s all the same to me :slight_smile:.

+1. I experience this issue and I call it a bug too. Yep, happening since SX3 defo but can’t really remember if it happened in VST3 or 5…

I always thought it had something to do with the piano notes on the left of the screen. I seem to recall seeing the wrong piano notes highlight when I moved the midi event. Always a half tone, like it’s got two slightly different snap algorithms, one for the ‘snap to piano note’ and one for the ‘snap to the grid’.

I mostly use the cursor keys to edit midi in detail (much as I do for positioning images in photoshop and the like, cause you get more precise control) and I have two keys defined as up/down octave too.


Ye. We get confirmations but no-one remembers exactly when or where or exactly what with and no specs are given.
It’s all very vague.
Specs, repros and details of your system or it’s just another wind up. :neutral_face: