Is this the 'calm before the storm'?

Aloha guys,

Did I miss the announcement?
Folks on holiday?

Since the beginning of this forum I’ve never seen it this quiet in here.
{‘i’} Sup?

Dunno, I don’t check as regularly as I used to, seems I’m not the only one. This is actually mostly because I’m busy working with Cubase and things actually work as I want them to :sunglasses:

Forums seem to get quieter once its warmer outside… I frequent a bunch and host one also, and they are all much quieter than in the cold season. For our friends in the southern hemisphere, its just getting to be autumn, so they should step up to the plate! (Mauri, Sherz, etc) :sunglasses:


I am here LOL! Busy with work, plus the latest topics really didn’t interest me. A lot of chest puffin’

Lets talk about microphones and micing/recording techniques and I will be all over it! :sunglasses:

Another seemingly racist post.

Nah. Not intended that way.

No because those guys could smash us pansy musos right? :sunglasses:

We’re all out enjoying the weather like YOU SHOULD BE!!



too cold to type :wink:

Sooo true Bane!

I’m woikin’ on it.