Is this the future for instruments ???

I lasted 2 minutes and 16 seconds before hitting the browser “back” button.

I don’t know if it’s music or not. Based on the demonstration … I … don’t … care. :wink:

Got a nice beat. You can dance to it. I give it an 85. R.I.P. Dick Clark.

Is it music? Well, it got me a little moist in the trousers. :open_mouth:

Actually, it did nothing for me as demonstrated - but in a different context and with the right sounds assigned to
those pads - I could see it as a very useful musical tool.

uumm maybe it’s the wrong title for the thread , it is some form of music and i can imagine it’s a club filler but is the the future for instruments ???

Coming to an elevator near you soon! :unamused:
(or at least that would liven up the elevator!)

You still need a sense of timing to perform with it, did he author all the samples? I think not!

the best thing about clip launcher tech is that there are no wrong notes. The worst thing about clip launcher tech is that it regularly launches clips that sound like that stuff from the video.

A few random people are in an elevator suffering through the clarinet solo version of You Light Up My Life, when Kenny G. gets on. After a few floors Kenny says “Man this place is Rockin!”

I didn’t get all the way through. I also was too lazy to search the internets to figure out what the capabilities are. But I was wondering what the person was needed for. His timing wasn’t very good anyway. Although I guess he’s better looking than a computer program (so far).

Beautiful; and nice wristwatch to boot.

I love all new approaches to making music.

This may or may not be your style but the
controller possibilities open a huge door for
any human being to be able to make sounds.

Old guy story here:
_In the late sixty’s for about seven months I was fortunate to play with
the great jazz organist Jimmy Smith.

In those days many did not consider the B3 organ to be a ‘legit’ jazz instrument.
There was much teasing going on.
(till he started to receive huge royalty cheques for his movie work)
I remember several places booking him as Jimmy Smith at the ‘Electric Organ’. :slight_smile:
I guess this meant it was not the ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’

The point is now days the B3 is like a comfortable old shoe in many styles of music
and by the time this kid is my age, who knows what controllers might be.

As long as the person making the music is happy, IMHO that’s all that matters.

BTW this is nothing new
way way way back-in-da-day
didn’t lil ‘Ricky Wagner’ also invent new instruments
to create new and different sounds?

Wow! Now ,thats impressive. I agree with your conclusions. I can only add that input quantizing can may anyone look good

Not bad, this is quite a different angle to approach making music from, I kinda like it. Especially if you do your own samples this is a very cool way to improvise and come up with all sorts of interesting variations on your own songs.
This is obviously more directed to electronic music though, I don’t see how you can make a convincing classical piece this way :stuck_out_tongue: