Is this the future?

Why oh why oh why do approved methods always have to get disimproved nowadays? Cubase had the best organized DAW layout. All informations, controls and buttons at a single view, without looking crowded.

Now I see all these colorful 3D XXL plugin color bars everywhere, without carrying much info, without status controls and buttons, but with crude arranged, overlapping text elements. The beloved inspector now looks like new elements colliding with the existing ones. Also more clicking: double click to open plugin UI’s (!). Is this the new direction: bold, touch screen friendly elements? I have the strong feeling, this only is the beginning…

First Windows, now Cubase… anything has to become reduced and touch friendly… a touching future! Do we users really want this? Shouldn’t we separate desktop workhorses from touch apps?

What is your impression?

Sometimes I think the Steinberg team feels alot of pressure to make drastic user interface changes. It looks to me like they got carried away on this one. I hate to be negative about a release they’ve obviously been very busy on, but the inspector does look more cluttered than in v.5 or 6.

That can be fixed by getting rid of the rounded rectangles introduced from Nuendo now that the programs are running off the same codebase.

Screenshot…? small, just to show what you are talking about, please…?

The programs were always running off the same codebase. :sunglasses:

Were they, I thought now that the “leapfrogging” of programs is now formally at an end that there’d be dancing in the streets :mrgreen:

To come back to the topic, I try to put it straight:

To me it’s obviously, that Steinberg now introduced the first steps to a touch controlled DAW. But aside from a temporary fashion, I really don’t get it why also desktop applications now are going “touch”. Touch input only is practicable with horizontal-handed devices like tablets. On a vertical monitor it is an illusion: Can you imagine to raise your streched arm for 10 hours to the screen?

I really would be interested, what other users are thinking…

Not if the device is “embedded” in studio furniture, I think Steinberg is showing the way here.

I agree, too many changes to the gui. I’d suggest that the people who decide the implementations don’t use the software as full on as the users do, so they don’t understand that the slightest change sometimes makes a large day-to-day usage difference.


What do you mean “all informations, controls and buttons at a single view”? Prior to Cubase 7 you couldn’t see more than one thing (like inserts, sends, eq, etc…) at once in the mixer. Now we finally can. :slight_smile:

Maybe I can see it, but, I can’t read it :cry:


Is this the future?

I can’t help but think of Worf standing on the bridge, touching stuff.

Even at the other workstations,
Geordi is always touching stuff or talking to it.

No mice. No keyboards.