Is this the right section now? SMH

I’m having trouble with Groove Agent 4. When I put a loop in, it sounds different from the original (dull and almost mono)… and when I create slices from the loop and drag the midi file on the project page it sounds stretched out, and when it doesn’t sound stretched out it just sounds choppy and no amount of fade in or fade out helps, or it sounds splashy and it losses some of the attack. (you can really hear that on drums). My locators also goes crazy every time I change the tempo. I’m trying to get help with this from Steinberg and they won’t help me and you will never guess why… they said they can’t help me because I posted my problem in the wrong section. What the !#@#%#^… Are you serious? Instead of helping me and letting me know, next time post in such and such forum because its the right one for the trouble I’m having, they decided to just not help me at all. I’ve given up on trying to get help from Sternberg, can anyone one here please help me with this? I really appreciate it.

I think I figured out the Groove Agent 4 problem… I will play with it some more to know for sure, so I just need help with my locators going all over the place with every tempo change. What I’m I doing wrong?

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Do you have the track set to Musical (Bar and Beat based) or Linear mode (Time based), for groove agent it should usually be musical mode.

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