Is this the way condensing is supposed to work?

Or am I doing something wrong?

I have 4 bassoons in a large orchestral score, each set up as a solo instrument. 1st has a solo. Condensing shows 1 and 2 on the same stave with all stems up for the 1st and rests for the 2nd. I, of course want the stave to show only 1st bsn.

We’re on the early days of condensing in Dorico. Daniel has already unveiled some new features coming in next update, and there will probably be more to come after that. Granular control is among those features, I bet :wink:

In the meantime, you can have custom condensing groups. It sounds to me like you want to leave Bassoon 1 on its own and group the other three bassoons together. See

There is a setting in Notation Options>Condensing that solved the problem. I set don not condense under condensing for inactive players. How this is going to affect the rest of the score remains to be seen. I’ve only done 32 bars.

Hi Planoleo and Babe8,
I’m just trying to solve the same problem and that wont do it. But the key is there: Notation Options > Condensing > Include in Staff Label. I’m working on a score that was already done and I’m just upgrading it. So it is still to be seen if it will work on the whole score. But it did for the first two pages.

Yes, that could work also. I did try it before I made my post about condensing for inactive players. It depends. One works better sometimes, the other times, the other. I hope that sometime in the near future, you would be able to chose which method to use on a system by system basis.

That’s what condensing changes will allow, and they will be included in the next Dorico update. See here for (a little) more information.

…for a Happy new year!! :smiley:

Just a small question about the new condensing features… will these changes allow you to start or stop condensing on a system break, for example?—so, just enable condensing on a range of the flow.

That would be awesome.

Yes, you’ll be able to specify that condensing should be disabled for a particular condensing group from the position of the condensing change, either to the end of the flow or to the next condensing change at which you re-enable condensing for that group.