Is this vst connections issue?

I run Cubase pro 9.5 with loads of presets for vocals. Now if I choose a stereo option then there are loads of presets available,but they all just play and record on one side when monitoring. Is this down to the vst connections? Surely when making the vocal presets steinburg would have known people would just be using a mono signal on the mic?

However if I choose a mono choice most of the presets dissappear and I’m left with only 4 choises can somebody please explain what I am doing wrong


Do you have a N Mono or Stereo Audio track? What presets specifically are you talking about, please? Track Presets? What names exactly are for the Stereo track only?

The presets for vocals. When adding an audio track. Loads of presets from the drop down menu. Cubase pro 9.5
Using steinburg ur interface


So you Add Audio track. In the Add Audio Track dialogue the is Browse button, which is enabled on your side, right?

What is the next step, please?

Select vocal from the list of different presets. Which opens a sub window with lots of choices.
In the last column you can choose mono or stereo

I have to choose mono because if I choose stereo then the vocal is only monitored on one side
With vocal heavily on one side and just effects on the other.
It’s frustrating because I have to choose mono in order to get vocals evenly in headphones etc…
But there are loads more presets for stereo.
We are talking about the same version pro 9.5 right?


Sorry, I still don’t know, where so you choose Mono or Stereo? In the Attributes, Channels column? Or where? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Yes in the attributes. All the columns. The very last column is stereo or mono.
Sorry don’t know if this is a channels column or attribute column will attach screen shot when I’m home

So I expect something like the attached screenshot…

Actually I don’t use the built in presets. You are right, it doesn’t make much sense. You could use it on the Stereo FX Channel, and route the Vocal to this FX Channel.

Yes exactly like your screenshot.
So how do I go about setting up the stereo fx channel for vox.?


I would recommend to add a Mono Audio track with no FXs. Then add a Group Channel (or FX Channel) and add this “Stereo Vox” preset to the Group/FX Channel. Then route the output of the Mono Audio track to this Group Channel, or add a Send to the Mono Audio track and route the send to the FX Channel.