Is this vst connections issue?

I run Cubase pro 9.5 with loads of presets for vocals. Now if I choose a stereo option then there are loads of presets available,but they all just play and record on one side when monitoring. Is this down to the vst connections? Surely when making the vocal presets steinburg would have known people would just be using a mono signal on the mic?

However if I choose a mono choice most of the presets dissappear and I’m left with only 4 choises can somebody please explain what I am doing wrong

Use a stereo track, as you did.
But use a Mono bus to feed the track.
That is done in studio connections (F4)
If there is only stereo options in there to choose from, you will have to create a mono bus, use that mono bus to feed the stereo track.
Now mono signal arrives at both left and right on the stereo track, and you can use stereo effects.

Btw. Recording to a stereo track using a mono bus, the signal is still recorded as mono, you don’t loose any disk space.