Is update cubase 9.5 free if you have 9

Some in thread write about “having bought the update from 9.0 to 9.5
Isn’t it free?
because I have license issues with “not a valid license” and " your activation is already used”
I have now made a support ticket - I just hope that it won’t take too long.
Unfortunately time is money


Nope, only if you activated 9.0 AFTER the 18th of October … And, if like me, you couldn’t access the site to purchase version 9.0 prior to Steinberg releasing version 9.5 and lost out on the grace period upgrade, don’t bother trying to tell them about it because they just deny everything and doubt everything you tell them.
Steinberg is an anagram for “great product, shocking customer service”.
Technical support is good, though.

It’s not an update but an upgrade, like 6.5 , 7.5 , 8.5 and now 9.5
Instead of waiting 2 years for a upgrade, we get a yearly upgrade the .5 upgrade is cheaper and includes some new features.
Version 10 that if all goes well arrives in a year’s time will have even more features and will be more expensive.
Of cause upgrading from 9.5 to 10 is cheaper than upgrading from 9 to 10.
You are not paying extra, you are just spreading the cost out on 2 upgrades, instead of one major.
I think it is a win win situation for both the users and the company, that gets a more steady cash flow .

How were you unable to access the site for a month? How can they know if you aren’t lying to get the upgrade for free?