is UR22 driver is tested on Windows 10?

Microsoft is rolling out Wndows 10 and offer free upgrade for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1.
Please advise if UR22 driver is tested and certified to work on Windows 10?


Testing is being done by our development team, but currently none of our products are officially supported on Windows 10 yet. Please continue to visit for all of the latest news and updates regarding Windows 10 support.

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I have tested UR22 v1.92 drivers with the latest Windows 10 build. They are not fully compatible. They works only at 48KHz. Other sampling rates don’t work with WDM drivers, and ASIO drivers keep lowering it back to 48 KHz.

Could we have access to beta drivers? I would like to try one being specifically designed for Windows 10.

The final tests will be conducted with the release version of Windows 10. Indeed, at the moment, there is an issue related to sample rate changes and WDM audio at the moment but it does not affect using the URs with the ASIO driver within Cubase, Nuendo, etc.
To my knowledge, no beta driver will be released prior to a fully compatible Windows 10 driver.

Mine only works at 44.1 khz with WDM and ASIO as you mentioned


Will the new windows 10 driver feature lower latency times? A maximum speed of 128 samples rate at 96kHz is just too slow for use of VST piano software. At least can we get a 32 sample rate at 44kHz please.

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Yes. Today I could confirm UR22 ASIO drivers are ok with Windows 10. As for sample rating being lowered down to 48 KHz, it seems the virtual instrument software is trying to match the interface sample rate to the loaded sample set. As I had not previous experience with ASIO drivers, except for ASIO4ALL, I thought it would have something to do with Windows 10 incompability. I will wait patiently for the certified WDM drivers.

Same problem in UR824. when I change the samplerate in console,there will be no sound in win10.

I have the exact same problem!

I can confirm this. Only works at 44.1 under Windows 10 (64 bit) natively. However, in Cubase (and maybe other host software) it works at 48 at least. Haven’t tested higher sample rates.