Is UR22 mk2 WEAK-sauce for dynamic mics?

From googling I see lots of people who can’t get a good level out of a dynamic mic when attached to the inputs of the UR22.

I have a Yamaha mixer which gets good levels from this mic, and I have a Boss digital recorder, both get great levels. But with the UR22 and the input gain all the way up, I can barely get a signal from the UR22’s inputs with the dynamic mic.

With phantom power on and a CONDENSOR (that needs phantom power) I have good levels from the UR22, but with a DYNAMIC mic (SM57), I can’t get a peak at all. It’s incredibly surprising to me.

Maybe my next interface won’t be a steinberg? What do other people do? Do you run into a mic pre and then into your audio interface?


I am having same issue with an SM57 and a very weak signal. Works fine in Audacity.
Did you get your issue resolved? How?

I use a mixer and its preamp and feed the preamp output into the UR22. If your level into the UR22 is fine in Audacity (with the ur22) then the issue is not the UR22.