Is USB liscener required for every boot and usage?

I used the activation codes to activate and register my new upgrade to the Full Version of Cubase 7, the software booted and the online entries were also successful. I closed the software and removed the USB licenser from the USB and the software would not boot, requiring me to activate the product though I already did. So I put the USB elisencer back in and it booted;

So do I have to have the USB elisencer connected for every boot, and for the entirety of my time in the software? My 3 usb ports are all in use already, so I have to do get some usb expansion port? Or is there a way to run the activated program without having the USB stick always in? If so, that stinks, Komplete 9 does not require such a key. I hope I am wrong.


Cubase full version does, that’ s why it lists a “USB port for USB eLicenser” in the system requirements…

Aloha R,
I believe the above ‘response’ post is correct.

However once while using C6.x I once accidentally/unknowingly
disconnected my dongle and continued to work for hours without it.
Once the unplugged dongle was discovered, I left the 'puter ‘on’ over-night
(which I never do) just to see what would happen.

It was not till the next day when I changed projects that Cubase asked for a dongle.

I posted about this when it happened, (unfortunately in the old now defunct forum)
and could never find an answer
and could not reproduce the same behavior a second time.

—go figure