Is using insert effects in only part of montage possible?

Here’s the situation. I have a audio montage all ready to go (with intensive crossfades, etc) except I noticed on a couple parts of the recording there is some occasional low frequency rumble that I need to get rid of. Some of the music (bass clarinet and baritone sax) have frequencies a little below 60hz so I can’t just do a simple roll off. Is it possible in montage to just highlight certain sections and “render” those sections with a eq roll-off?

No, you have to edit the underlying file in the audio file workspace.


Hi Philippe,
I went back to the wavelab audio file and can’t seen to find a way to change the eq. What am I missing?

To Be more specific, when I highlight a section of the the file in the wave window and click process, my only options are:
Change level
Level normalizer
loudness normalizer
pan normalizer
easy fade
fade in
fade out
level envelopes
invert phase
eliminate dc offset
time stretching
pitch correction
pitch quantizing
pitch bend
loop tweaker
loop tone uniformizer
convert sample rate

and that’s it.

You can use any plugin from the master section… Big choice!

I’m obviously not understanding this. So I:
1-open the wave file
2-and then I’m lost.

I do not know how to access the plug-in’s from the master section in the wav window.

Open the wave file, insert wanted EQ in the master section, make a selection in the wave where you want the EQ applied and then use ‘render > selection’ from the master section. Check ‘render in place’ and save the wave file - it will be updated in the montage now.

Wow. I’ve been using this program for years and I’m still learning what a powerful tool this is! Thanks Philippe, my life is a lot easier now!