is VCA safe to use now ?

And even if they do, you always have an undo …



IMO, any feature that can drive a user failure is not well thought by design.

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That could be about a million of features though in a comprehensive DAW. Completely regardless of VCAs simply enabling fill to start / end while being in latch could wipe all automation you touch on the entire timeline. Latch and fill to start / end are features and users that don’t understand them could use them in a way that drives user failure.

Again, the only problem I see here with VCAs is that the behavior is inconsistent. It should restore the same when reloading a project regardless of where VCAs are set when saving. I really don’t see how anyone can dispute that logic.

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Well I’ve just used VCAs for the first time in a very long time, completely forgot about this behaviour (although I had a nagging voice in the back of my head warning me about using them), and when I reloaded the session I encountered the same problem as highlighted near the top of this thread and 3 hours worth of mixing went down the drain.

I echo Mattias’ opinion here: if I load a project then it should sound the same as when I last closed it.

dam… I just updated my template with VCAs per stems.
I made sure I had an automation point @odB on every tracks that are VCA controlled as I read that was the trick to have them work correctly ?