Is Video Playback Support In WaveLab Elements 10?


Everything I read says that video playback support in in WaveLab Elements 10. Is it really? I can’t find it. I don’t have a video track, can’t create one. Can someone help?

I’ve looked here: and it implies that Elements 10 has this feature.

Thanks for reading.

I have the same problem.
There is no way to create a video track like statet in the manual of Wavelab Elements 10.
Only two options are shown: Stereo and Mono.

Due to a last minute oversight, video is disabled from WaveLab Elements.
But Steinberg is going to release a patch for WaveLab Elements next week, to fix that.

Thanks for that - I thought I was going barmy (again).

You might want to highlight this somewhere so as to reduce forum traffic about this issue.

Thank you for the notice