Is VST Live competing with Apple Mainstage?

Is VST Live competing with Apple Mainstage? I think the features are much the same. Is there are any other, similar competition for playing live?
And I don’t mean Ableton Live. That’s very different. I use Ableton now when playing live, while composing, producing and mixing in Cubase.

There’s Gig Performer.

Based on the problems that everyone else is having on this forum with VST Live, it looks like it’s a hot mess. If it worked correctly the feature set would blow MainStage away, but I’m waiting for version 2 before I jump on board.


well, just as much as “everyone else” is having with other products. We like specifics please. Already released a very quick update fixing initial issues.
Most of the “problems” you mention are wishes for improvements of features that competition doesn’t even have, and almost no crashes are beeing reported except with plugins, so please be fair and point out what you mean, instead of globally ditching it.

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…Presonus, Studio One - Show Page

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I wasn’t knocking VST Live at all; on the contrary, the list of features is incredible. But it is new software, and as with all new v1.x products, there are always bugs. Based on the issues that people are reporting on this forum, some trivial and some more complex, I simply stated that I am waiting to purchase until some of the issues get sorted out, that’s all. I didn’t say that as a recommendation to anyone else.

I own all of Steinberg’s flagship products, as I like the company and will continue to support them, even if I don’t personally get a lot of value out of the particular app. As a Nuage/Nuendo/Wavelab owner and user for post, and a Cubase/Dorico owner and user for composition, I am heavenly vested in the Yamaha/Steinberg ecosystem, so my success is hinged on your success. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually get my money for VST Live :blush:

That’s quite ok, but you need to understand that users unsecure to dive in will be repelled when they search forums for clues. So “hot mess” and “everybody has problems” would shy me off big time if I were to read this.
Nevermind, just wanted to clarify this, no bad feelings :slight_smile:

Thanx, I didn’t know that one

…it is very, very, very easy to use. Unfortunately there is no video track yet and also no possibility to include song lyrics. But so far I have not been able to provoke a crash.

VST Live crashed for me several times and is unfortunately very buggy. I really expected more. :thinking:

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would you happen to have crashdumps? And pls elaborate on “very buggy”, thanks.

Sorry but I don’t have time to work as a beta tester and I don’t collect crash dumps. The program is so unfinished that I might not try it again until version 2 or 3…


Great, thanks for your help.

JUST MY LUCK i bet (?)

~~>> in the past decade, six or seven of the smaller companies I’ve gotten licenses for → two have been bought out and then, in my opinion., ruined – the rest went out of business.
VIDEO and MUSIC apps. I’m not talking about VST instruments/effect.

MY GUT says: VST LIVE is going to be HUGE for many of us.


Audomodeling CamelotPro

We cannot setup automatic patch changes per song section (Intro, Verse1, Chorus, Vers2, Bridge etc…) in Mainstage. Nor can we display the lyrics.

There is a playback plug-in we can use to play backing tracks but the automatic patch changes and lyrics are missing.

I cannot tell Mainstage to apply a specific effect or change to a different patch at bar 16.1 for example.

For mainstage, you attach a program change message for each patch you want to launch at a specific section then hook a midi cable up from your tracks rig. Send the message from your Ableton, Playback, Cubase, etc… and you can trigger sounds whenever you need.

You can loop back or use Bome to run tracks from the same computer and trigger too. VST Live is more elegant but I’ve done Mainstage for years, let me know if you want to set up something like that and I can help. I used to run Ableton for our tracks into Mainstage for my keyboard patches.

I own and am really stoked for Gig Performer. The performance is fantastic compared to Mainstage. In fact, similar performance to VST Live. However, the GUI for me was not intuitive. I think it is great for doing Live Guitar and things like that, but for keys patches that end up with a ton of layers and zones that change often, it was just too cumbersome to build patches quicky. VST Live is much different from Mainstage (which I still prefer) but not so different that I felt unduly hampered. I think VST Live’s GUI will improve in time as well. Gig performer is pretty much set in stone at this point. I’m just happy Mainstage is getting competition. It is good but they haven’t added significant features for years, it’s about time someone took them out of the top spot for live computer based keys.

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