Is VST System Link still a going concern?


I’m wondering if using a 2nd comp to run heavy sampling apps via VST System Link is still an good option, or if there’s something better now.



Vienna Ensemble pro?

Hey…very interesting looking app…

But that still doesn’t address the needs of the other vst’s or samplers such as Kontakt or Halion.

Thanks for that though…gonna check it out

i’ve got fx teleport which works. although i’ve never actually got around to using it on a real session. you just need a gigabit network card in master and slave pc and your fx and instruments show up. i’m fairly sure the technology is used by cakewalk in sonar for their 64 bit bridge; the graphics look extremely similar…
support is poor to non existent but i think the product is still for sale (i got it about a year ago).
i’ve succesfully teleported BFD2 and wizooverb w5; both of these are cpu hogs.

Vienne Ensemble Pro works with all kinds of vst (au) instruments.

Yup…right you are…

Took the time to view the vids…seems like a great way to go

Thanks for that!