IS VSTBridge trustworthy Yet?

Just upgraded, Is VST bridge trustworthy yet?

thanks Zero

Probably not.
Are your third party VSTs trustworthy yet is what you really should be asking at this point in 64bit history.
I’d rather change VSTs than let that herd of fat things loose on a temporary bridge. :mrgreen:

Im sorry to sat that I havent gotten anything to work reliable with VSTbridge. Jbridge works a zillion (thats a lott!) times better. Its not perfect but without it I would be lost


And as conman writes, if you can, stay away from 32 bits pluggs as much as possible

Thanks for this, it seems then it has not been improved. I have had J bridge for a while, I will keep using that. I dont think they will ever update Native instruments B4 II !

why not load the b4 library into kontakt (full 64 bit support)

i believe those libraries work just fine (used akoustik piano that way until i bought ivory)

and j bridge rocks socks… would be totally f’d with out it (and by f’d i mean fudged… for the forum mods reference haha)

use it all the time on uad, lexicon lxp and waves!
waves i sometimes have to use the shell 2 vst program, but all works well!

B4 II isn’t like the sample based stuff NI pops out lately. It generates its sound! I would never ever trade this monster for a stripped down Kontakt library. :sunglasses:

Same here, I love B4 and will keep using it as long as I can get it to work, shame on NI for dropping it :imp:.


Mauri said

Same here, I love B4 and will keep using it as long as I can get it to work, shame on NI for dropping it

I couldn’t agree more. What were they thinking???

i have a feeling that cubase bridger has the worst bridging functionality of all bridging alike systems i`ve seen so far…

Gosh! You must have seen a lot of them. All two? Maybe three? :mrgreen: I think everyone is lucky to have bridges at all.
The biggest mistake was actually making one at all as if they’d gone right over to 64 bit the VST 3rd party slackers would have had to do something or die. And guess what? No complaints.
Never had a bridge at all when 16 bit changed to 32. No complaints at all.

However I would have loved them to improve the overdrive/distortion which is better in Kontakt.