Is Wavelab 5.01b vst 2.4 compatible?

I have been quite happy with my (registered) Wavelab 5 running on XP/sp2. That is until I attempted to test Lexicon’s LXP native reverb demo. Whenever I try to invoke the plugin from the Master section it completely locks out Wavelab. I have looked into the details on LXP at the Lexicon site and it state that it should work fine with any host that supports VST 2.4 or above.

It appears that 5.01b is OK with vst 2.4 as I use NuGen’s Visualizer in the Master section without error and its a vst 2.4 plugin. So load problems with LXP Native Reverb and Wavelab need to be corrected on the Lexicon side. I will let them know.