Is Wavelab Pro 12 coming out this year?

Anything coming this year?

No, you will have to be patient.


and will it be possible to actually start the program?
even if you have eucon and nuendo installed or steinbergs copy protection hell is giving you a headache or there is a full moon or the square root of the date plus the sample rate is dividable by 2?

This may not be the right place to ask this, but I’m wondering if I should get the upgrade to 11.1 now (Cyber Sale) or wait until 12.0.

I’m currently on 9.5, and I can do everything I need to do with it just fine (no need for multichannel or video, for example). I’m also not a professional user, I mostly need it to “polish” concert recordings made with a single recording device. On the other hand, I have been a WaveLab user since version 3 or so, and I do want to support its ongoing development.

So now I’m seeing that version 9 and 9.5 can upgrade to 11.1 for the same price, leading me to guess that come version 12, my version will be able to upgrade for the same price as version 10, but if I wait for yet another release cycle, the upgrade cost will be much higher. Does this sound reasonable?



I’ve found that previously with Wavelab it cost the same to skip a version as it does to upgrade twice. (If that makes sense ?)

basically if you go for v11 now and then V12 when released it should work out the same as going from V9.5 direct to V12

Plus even if they change that for v12 you will have the advantage of using V11, including 3 ‘floating’ licenses that you get with V11 until V12 is released.

PLUS - the difference is always very few $ so no reason not to upgrade


Yes, but not three times (i. e., if I had upgraded from 9 to 9.5, to 10, and then to 11, I would have paid the smallest upgrade fee three times; if I had skipped 9.5 and 10, I would have only paid the next-higher fee once). If the pattern holds, then an upgrade from 9.5 to 12 would cost less than an upgrade from 9.5 to 11 now and then later to 12…

I think it might even work for 3 times, at least in the past

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Oh all right, you’ve convinced me :slight_smile:

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