Is Win 11 safe yet?

Is Win 11 safe yet? I have an intel i7 8700k , Rog Strix mobo with 64 gig of memory. I run two TV monitors as VDUs. My sound goes through a Focusrite Scarlett i1820. Is it safe to come out from under the woodpile yet? When is the next Win upgrade?

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Win 10 Pro works fine for me.

System specs in my sig.

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It works fine for me so I’ve fully migrated to it now.

  1. I wouldn’t install over win 10. It might work but it’s asking for trouble.
  2. If you have enough disk space then free up enough to dual boot win 10 and 11 and do a fresh install on the new partition. This allows you to choose between win 10 or 11 at boot up.
  3. Spend time getting everything setup on win 11 and make sure it all works as expected. This may take longer than you think.
  4. Remove the win 10 partition when you are sure you haven’t missed anything ( I still kept noticing vsti presets that I missed for about a month!)

That’s my recommendation as it may not work well on your pc so you may want to wait.

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Installed Win 11 yesterday and been really impressed with how it runs. No issues here. In fact, it feels more like a skinned version of Win 10 that I’m running as it’s not really any different using Cubase.

Just backup your disk to an external drive using something like Macrium Reflect (Free) if you’re concerned. It’s easy to restore back, and well worth holding a complete disk image of your system anyway.

The machine I upgraded is only 18 months old and maintained well - by that I mean there’s not been a load of applications installed/uninstalled and user folders bloated. My main studio machine is a different beast, I’d probably do a fresh install on that later in the year as that is older and as is more sensitive to changes.

I will be installing over Win 10 because I have far too many programs (100s) to go through on a scratch install. Lart time I did a fresh install it took me a month of full time work.


Totally get that, like I say the machine I upgraded went very smooth and it barely feels any different. Win 11 just feels a little nicer and I like the new look and other features it offers, for sure.

Cubase runs great in it, over 4 hours I spent composing and recording. Even my startup apps and virtual MIDI ports just ran like nothing was different.

Obviously whether you should make the move very much depends on what reason, I was just curious really and liked the smooth corners haha :slight_smile:

That is why I dual boot so I can continue to use win 10 and build it up over time until ready to switch.
Installing over the top may work perfectly or not.

Been using windows 11 for a while now and had zero issues . I have a pretty complex setup too. Even my old Midex 8 still works fine :slight_smile: along with my Euphonix mix’s and Cc121 and all my software-ilok,syncrosoft etc


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