Is Windows 7 Still the best OS in 2018

After spending several days attempting to solve poor performance problems in Cubase Pro 8 …yes I have updated all drivers, firmware, done the necessary tweaks in the BIOS, run Latencymon … and yes the system is an i7 with 32gb of ram and in theory all should be fine. I am currently using a MR816X on a TI FWcard with legacy drivers and the dropout problems persist… alter settings in buffers and so on…no nothing works.

Haing examined the Steinberg site I see that not one of the offerings from Steinberg are listed as working in W10 Spring Creators Update. I have also learnt that you can’t easily turn off updates in W10…well you can’t in the home edition although there are some workarounds I know.

My question is this? Would it be best then to just do a clean install of W7, update it as far as possible and then turn off all Windows updates?
Will pretty much every piece of major software,hardware and plugins work with this old OS? Do you know of exceptions? What are your experiences? I would like to know what you think.

Best regards to all