Is working between C6 in 32 and 64 bit possible?

I’ve recently gone from Cubase 6.5.4 in 32 bit over to 64 bit, I’ve also updated every synth and effect but this has given me some problems. For example, I just bought image-line Harmor vsti which (to my knowledge is 32 bit) but I cannot use it for long until something bad happens, either VSTBridge loses sync or something else. This is not the only synth and “brand” that gives me problems.

My question is, can I start a project file in Cubase 6.5.4 in 32 bit, work with 32bit stuff there and later when everything track is somewhat solid with vstis prerendered move to 64 bit for more work?

Also, is jBridge worth it?


Why not install the demo and judge yourself…? :confused:

I have no idea if it is risky or not, otherwise I wouldn’t ask.

Projects created in 32 and 64 bit version are fully interchangeable no problem at all. I used to do it a lot before UAD became native 64 Bit.

Example - Using 64 bit Cubase to do some really sample / memory intensive realtime stuff (Kontakt etc) and then freezing or bouncing. Then back to to 32 Bit allowing me to use my beloved UADs.

The problem will only be if you have plugins in 32 bit that do not exist in 64 format. (And vice versa).

And as you know this can be gotten around with a Bridge of various kinds (built in or otherwise) but in my experience - If running 64 bit Cubase / Nuendo - Running any 32 Bit bridged plugins is always going to be a risk and is expecting a lot no matter which bridge you use.

With J you can also Bridge the other way round (32 bit plugs in 64 bit app, each having its own memory space) but still I personally do not like to bridge. As I said, it is expecting a great deal from software.

In fact now I refuse to buy or use any plugin that does not come 64 Bit native.

Hope that was of some help. :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil P! That is a great and very informative answer. I think I might follow your workflow until they update every single plugin. :stuck_out_tongue: