Is worthy to upgrade from Nuendo 12 to 13?

Hello everyone, just curious due to my system I need to buy new machine if i had to go to N13, kindly asking what is the major features for the 13 version? and is there any way to get more discount rather than 40% only?

thanks in advance

40% is generally as good as it gets with upgrades from Steinberg. I’m not saying it is impossible they’ll ever do a better deal, but 40% is all you are likely to see.

As for new features, they have a page that shows them all: What Is New in Nuendo 13 | Steinberg The biggest are probably MPEG-H and the improved Dolby Renderer. But of course it depends on what you do with it how much a given feature is “major” or not.

The Atmos render update only makes things easier because there is now an explicit 9.1.6 layout. It is also possible to use the N12 renderer for 9.1.6. If that were the only reason to update, then only for someone as crazy as me. :wink:

Dialogue editing can be long and tedious work and there are some notable enhancements esp. tonalmatch and detect silence separation. I will add ADR Script Reader and Atmos 9.1.6 support to the list.
A usable VoiceSeparator would have been in the above list, but my guess is that they didn’t train the AI on Indian languages. But it may work at your end and if it does the 40% price is a no brainier. I would say grab it.