Is writing automation while playback stopped possible somehow?

I probably miss something important here, so maybe someone has an idea how to do this?

I try to write automation data but without starting playback. I know I can edit the automation lane. But that’s not really what I’m looking for.
Let’s say I have this synth plugin with a lot of parameters and for example 5 of them as automation lanes. Somewhere in my track I want to change the sound of it, so I pause the track and change several parameters in the VST until I got the sound I want.
How do I get the result back into cubases automation lanes without editing the automation lanes by hand.

I couldn’t find any command that updates all automation lanes in place, probably there isn’t one. Also I couldn’t manage to copy a single value to a lane without setting two points manually and entering the new value by hand.
Even starting playback for a short moment doesn’t work because it isn’t possible to only write automation without reading, when I start the playback all my changes are gone.
My last idea was to mute the automation track, so I can start the playback and my settings don’t get overwritten but even then, it doesn’t write the new values to the lane.

Where could I look for a solution, any suggestions? Is it possible at all?

Thanks and best regards

Other than manually editing automation lanes there’s no chance to write automation when stopped - which seems natural to me as you can’t record any action when ‘time stands still’ = playback stopped.

Just an idea: in stop position do tweaks to your plugin/VSTi and save it to “B” (in the A/B settings of the plugin toolbar). Go back to A now, start playback and push the plugin over to B (in write mode) at the desired point in time.

Result: all parameters differing between A and B will create an automation lane and reflect the changes.

There is no automation lane for that A/B switch possible, the action described will always handle the actual parameters which might be a lot & produce an optical overflow :wink:


Another idea would be to not use automation for a sudden sound change. Duplicate your track instead thus creating a new instance of the synth and create the new sound there.

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Thanks, that’s clever and pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. I never got used to A/B-switching, that thing seemed to me always like a relic of an analog past so I didn’t even think about it. I don’t even need to exactly hit the spot I want to, moving the automation a bit left or right is a matter of seconds, it still works that way.

Yay, I learned something today, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks and I agree. It’s pretty much what I was doing most of the time.
Sometimes, though, I like to find a “destination sound” where I want to land at a certain point and do a transition towards it, so in that case I need both sounds on the same track, I have done that by hand so far. I will try the A/B-approach from above for those cases, it sounds good.

Good workaround, although snapshot automation has been a feature request for a long time now.

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I think that it’s a missing feature and I hope it will be implemented one day !

It exists on some other software such as video editing: with VEGAS Pro, you can pause playback and update video positions on tracks, it’s recorded. With Cubase, fine tuning something is just a pain and I don’t know why it’s not possible to “pause/record automation” !

Live starts to do it with macros but has a lot of limitations


If steiny were to study the absolute sheer brilliance of Kore and apply the abstracts of operation then it would be light years ahead; but adapt it to qc for the 8 knobs in this picture


Represents snapshots
you can either

A. Click directly on 1 and it uses a jump state


B. Click and drag to smoothly morph

It kind of failed in sales because no one got it and very little in the way of focused vids to show sheer power, let alone for live playing of synth but most are in their bedroom these days so I guess its not surprising