Is yer music sounding/workflo better than 2 years ago?

Aloha guys,

The new C7 app got me to thinking about that fact that
in a month or so this board will become two years old.

Most of us were using C5 back then and
posting about getting the new C6 app. :slight_smile:

So from C5 —> C7 and two years later on this board,

1-Does your music ‘sound’ any better?

2-Is your workflow better?

3-Have you started to use some Cubase features/plugs
you would not used in the past?

Inquiring minds want to know.


yes on everything.

Yes for me also. Workflow is better so I hope the music is sounding better also. In Cubase 6.5 the Morph filter and DJ EQ help to add movement to sounds. Also I picked up a video tutorial from Streamworks last Xmas that I watch on the Ipad at the gym. Really helped to uncover so many features that I wouldn’t have gotten to. Just a mention that Groove 3 has a sale on tutorials this month.

Yes indeed. Learned a lot the last 2 years, mostly because of this place.

Yes, no doubt!

  • I’ve reworked and made new templates.
  • I’ve converted almost all old stuff to C6 so I’m much better at Track Archives and Export/Import. Now when I’m good at it I have no use for it anymore haha!
  • I’ve done a lot of reference listening actively comparing albums/songs that sounds great to mine and adjusted. Ear training for mixing, sort of.
  • I finally discovered how to practice properly ( yeah, I know! feels like a sad joke, :blush: but better late than never) and I’m a better guitarist than I ever was, no doubt. I thought I did it properly but then … :bulb: :astonished: .
    If the music is any better is personal opinion but at least as a guitarist I’m more proficient, tighter and I use less takes to nail stuff. Now I can use my time for something else, which is an improvement haha.
  • I feel comfortable using the MediaBay for much more stuff now than two years ago.
  • Seeing the Tempo track in the Project window made me use it more
  • Right now I’m rediscovering the insane number of presets TYPES there are in Cubase and I try to see if they’re any good. I mean not just noticing they’re there but I need to actually use them before I dismiss them, right?
  • I now know how the Arrange Tracks work after having used them and abused them for a while, but they’re not even close to the magnificent Group Tracks of Cubase Atari. Sometimes they make sense to use, though.

I think that’s about what happened in the last two years. Not much NEW music but never the less some progress.

I would say No to the first question “does your music sound better now” As I only produce other people music.

I was listening to a lot of older mixes the other day, stuff done on analog tape, VST32, SX3, C4 and C6 and some (not all :laughing: ) of the mixes sound great, and If I hadn’t produced them myself, would not be able to tell what they were produced on!

I would say the workflow has improved though :smiley:

oh, I forgot something that really matters in the end … I think
I’ve tried to “convert” project to proper loudness levels using the SLM 128 Loudness Meter.
inside my computer it makes a lot of sense but the outside world is scary and LOUD! :confused:
to not go too far off the topic I’ve created a new one[ here]!

It’s not silly to refine your tool set when you have the chance?

For me, definitely some improvement. I really didn’t know much at all about mixing, etc. a few years ago. I have loved music and played guitar for almost 30 years but buying Cubase has opened a whole new world for me is music. I think the basics such as compression, EQ, and reverb are the most important and most “elusive” skills. I takes time to learn what you are listening for. I would still say I am a beginner but learning what to listen for and hearing it in music I listen to as well.

Sounds better? Yes

Workflow? Could be better… but that’s me not the tools.

Interesting read. Particularly since I’ve only learned by reading it that there is a C7 :blush: I finished my last CD on C5 earlier this year and I won’t be recording again for some time (gigs are the focus now). I will be tempted by the shiny new product - as I always am - when I’ve got more songs under my belt.

I totally agree. I a lot of times force myself to create macros to aid and it is worth it. I find other things to distract me that help me with other things.

Cool words Tom,

May I use this line in a song?


I find things that distract me to help me focus on other things I’m distracted from.

Or something.


Yeah, sure thing! :laughing:

What i was trying to convey was as I search for the items to create a macro, i often spot other things that help me streamline other things. :laughing:

Well, I’m still on C5… :confused:

But I do hope my music has improved over the last two years…

I haven’t noticed any substantial improvement in workflow as a direct result of recent upgrading, but workflow has improved some as a result of learning more about the tools that have been around for a while E.g. I recently stumbled across a shortcut that’s actually been part of Cubase since SX versions! One that I could have used 100’s of times saving valuable time in the past had I known about it DOH!

As for the sound of my mixes… better I think, but not because of Cubase. There’s nothing in C6.x that makes my mixes sound better that C5. But some improvement has come in part as a result of certain 3rd-party plugins and also what I hope is my ever-improving skill set.

However, C7 looks like it could be a little different. I can see some new features that would certainly speed up some processes in my typical workflow and the new channel strip for example has the potential to impact (improve?) on the overall sound. Whether its significant or not remains to be seen I guess.


yes to all three.

still progressing - you never stop learning new sutff.