Isn't anybody going to post anything interesting here?

Other than “I’m here” etc. :slight_smile:

Then again, I guess it takes some time for a new board to gather momentum

Drivers for the 1820M and 1616 and the rest

Hey, I actually know what that means, since I had to sit through a course in Meta-linguistics during college

Hey, that gives me an idea for the name of my next Metal band: Metal Language

Eh, maybe not

Hey Ulf I see you use a 1820 interface under win 7 64 (I’m using a 1616m under Win 7 64) May I ask what driver you ended up using… since I’m guessing they never did come up with a Win 7 specific driver

Some people may not see the full potential of your nifty construction … :laughing:

I assume you’re referring to something regarding a particular sex act

"There are almost 37 species of toucans.

They generally stay alone or with a mate. The female gives 3 to 4 eggs at a time and both together incubate the eggs. The young ones have very small bill which takes few months to develop properly. They are very noisy and make loud sounds. When it comes to rest they roll themselves and sleep in the holes of the trees."

It’s about time! Only 7 posts into the thread before someone posts something interesting.

Is it true that their diet consists largely of organic fruit loops?

Yes it’s absolutely true. And also interesting.
And all washed down with a nice pint of Guinness.

The only certainty in this life is the inevitability of your own death
(no relevance to Steinberg products, but certainly interesting …)

What about taxes?
I would contend that toucans are almost 37 times more interesting.

Yes it seems sort of bland here, although it is early on.
Me, I got nuthin.

Hi Foolomon! Yeah, it’s like the new thing… that err… thing that happens when you just shout look at me! and everything else that might actually be useful gets squashed to that wee little corner of ones mind.

A couple more days, and I’ll be back to honing in on music topics again.


What’s that got to do with Toucans??

oops! updated the wrong post!

here they are again!
64 bit Drivers for 1820M and 1616 and the rest of the EMU cards

The driver works very well for the 1820M in Win7 when it loads. A few times it didn’t load on boot up. My old computer was worse in this regard, so I had to create a shortcut to my default *.session file and place that on the desktop. When the driver misfired I just double clicked the default shortcut and it was ready to go. I wasn’t sure about how my new computer would react so I created a similar shortcut again. But it hardly ever misfires and when it’s up and running it’s steady as a rock, so …

My mouse didn’t survive the coffee incident so I’m off to the shop now … :unamused:

The trouble with taxes is that there’s never one when you want one :laughing:

same with Toucans :confused:

Aha! It took a while but I get it now. :wink: