Isn't it ironic?

I can buy DORICO for the crossgrade price but …

here are the products I bought and still own from Steinberg:
. Steinberg Twenty Four for Atari ST (1986)
. All Cubase versions for Atari ST
. Master Score for Atari ST
. Cubase Score for Windows
. All (really all!) Cubase versions for Windows including all updates/upgrades from 1989 to 2016
. Groove Agent 3
. Halion Sonic Orchestra

I find it quite ironic that I am entitled to a reduced price for DORICO because I own FINALE a product which has absolutely nothing to do with Steinberg!

I think Steinberg could/should make a gesture to thank people who are users since decades!
This gesture should also be greater than the Crossgrade gesture.

I know that there are a lot of people in a similar situation.
Has someone any thoughts on this?

I can understand what you mean.
therefore it will not to be too little to reduce the price at least for those, who own Halion/Halion Symphonic Orchestra since these are components which you actually mustn’t buy twice…

Yes, it’s been discussed at length already…

Where? With such statements a link to the threads would be needed.

What about Cubase Pro 8.x owners? I bought that to use its “professional music notation and score editing”, but it is so bad (score editor is actually same as Cubase Score 2.0 Atari from -94) I have to use (a free) MuseScore instead to get decent output. But those who bought a competitor’s program get rewarded with € 279 price for Dorico. I find it odd, too.

You can find some discussion in these threads, among others.

Thanks for pointing to these threads.
I read them and indeed the second one is about the very same subject and some posts in the first thread also.

But I miss an up-to-date answer from Steinberg on this, except this quite short answer you wrote on the 24. Juli:

Is this subject still discussed @ Steinberg?

There are no plans at present to have a special price for Dorico for existing Cubase or WaveLab customers, but we have certainly not ruled it out for the future.

It’s just business. To be or become the market leader. To “steal” avid some customers and be the #1.
Steinberg customers are customers of Steinberg already. They don’t need to be priveleged to become a Steinberg customer. That’s all marketing.

But if you look in the telecommunication market. It’s the same. Long term customers don’t get a bonus for being a customer. Only changing the vendor or service will be rewarded. It is sad, but reality.

But that is, why I still have not bought Dorico.

I’m in the same boat as you, except i did not own any other notation program,i use Cubase.I also own HSO & Wavelab.
In order to purchase Dorico at a reduced price i bought Notion (5 secondhand) and got on with my life…I really can’t understand the logic behind this really… :confused:

Not only telecoms, but banks and everything. You have to be a new customer to get “the offer you cant refuse”.

This doesnt sound like a very compelling reason to me. :slight_smile:


Half the price or full price is very convincing for me as a hobby-musician. I do not essentially need it, but I’d like to use it. For this kind of customers the price is very important. Perhaps I would buy an educational license, but I can not, because I’m no student.

But I can not afford it for hobby. If I would make money in the pop-charts, the price were peanuts to pay for. But not all musicians are chart-breakers.