Isn't VST Connect just begging for an iPad App?

VST Connect opens up a lot of doors! I could really see it as a tablet app, iPad in particular. There’s lots of working low latency I/O available for it now.

Imagine a small army of “sound collectors” scouring the countryside for you with their LTE enabled iPads… :smiley:


And what is with the android handys they should also get an app :slight_smile:

Don’t need an iAnything. Need Android version.

Aloha B and +1

The fact that they called it VST Connection SE make me think
that in the future Steiny might release a
more pro/non-SE/ version for desktops laptops and portable devices.

One could go crazy imagining the possibilities.

iOS or andriod/chevy or ford/strat or Les Paul;
‘what ever gets you thru the night’ —lennon


I have no bias for or against Android, but is Android now capable of low-latency audio and proper USB audio interface handling? AFAIK, these have not been a priority for Android and they’re both necessary for something like VST Connect to work smoothly and provide quality audio reliably.

I can connect an Apogee MiniMe to my iPad 2 making a good quality front end for recording, and almost any proper Core Audio interface will work. AFAIK, this isn’t true of Android for now though there has been some work in that direction. I have no issues with Android, but for now Apple’s tablets are ahead in the audio department.

Absolutely. The built-in cameras of these devices make them perfect for VST Connect… I can think of so many situations a portable device like this could be used in too.