Isolated vocal tracks

Hi everyone,

I’ve watched and listened to tons of videos (on youtube) where there’s either only the vocals of pop songs or those isolated vocals have been laid onto a remixed version of the song. I want to give this sort of thing a go.

How the heck are people isolating vocals from songs like Wonderwall (by Oasis) for example ?

They are doing it from the original multitrack recording…not isolating it from the mix.

I think remixes are made with the courtesy of the publisher and they give that to those that get permission.
That’s how I understood it.

With this ?

Official Remixes, with permission and contracts and all, get the session tracked out.
Or they get stems.

There are many remix sites that have amateur, and not so amateur stuff posted for you to remix.
(Call it practice)

Do a search for “multitracks for remixing.”
Check out:

Have fun!

Get a “normal” version and an instrumental version. Put both under each other… Flip phase on instrumental… Play

you can try :

some great stuff, some garbage… :slight_smile:

Some of them are coming from that guitar video game ‘guitar hero’ or ‘rocksmith’ or something like that