Isolating bleed on drum mics - any tips please..?

Ok, so I’m a little stumped with this latest project, as I actually want the opposite to gating the quieter sounds out; there’s just so much bleed of the snare onto this kick-drum mic channel, that they are at the same or even louder level…!!

Bit of a nightmare recording/mic technique used perhaps and/or the player was just too light footed on his right… :wink:

Whatever, I’m open to your ideas for isolating/extracting the lower-level kick hits from this audio track please. Eventually I will want to apply some quantisation (via hitpoints/slicing/group editing etc…) to the whole kit performance.


Try eq’ing out everything above 100 Hz on the bassdrum track…

madsv posted:

Try eq’ing out everything above 100 Hz on the bassdrum track…


A shot in the dark:
Sometimes (rarely) putting the two tracks
(kik/snr) slightly out of phase might also help.


  1. Tune your gate’s trigger frequency to the kick drum, then it will be more sensitive to it.

  2. Use a MIDI trigger such as KT drum trigger to create a midi track from the original playing that you can then either use to gate the original via a midi-triggered gate, or to replace it with a sample (whether of the original that you can edit a single hit of or a better one is up to you).

Killing everything over 100Hz will remove the drum’s attack, IMO, but then what you need depends on the desired sound, the bleed onto other parts of the kit or the overheads, so YMMV.

Try this:

There are more videos from this guy which are excellent, if you want to check 'em out.


Thanks everyone…! Good ideas :slight_smile:

Killing everything above 100Hz was quite nice for a while, til I felt I had simply lost a lot of character of sound for other parts of the song. Still, may use a combination of this and other ideas, on different sections on duplicated tracks perhaps…

Going to try a ‘tuned’ gate freq for more sensitivity.

The MIDI trigger route is one I have thought about; its towards the bottom of the list of things to try first… :wink:

The videos look/sound promising from a quick skim over the topics, thank you for those. The one in particular you posted demonstrates a technique which appeals - namely using the snare track to side-chain into a compressor on the kick track. That’ll be a job for tomorrow…

Thanks again all…!

Good luck!

Great videos! - Thank’s :slight_smile:

As already suggested use a low-pass filter and sweep the frequency while the track is playing.

Also setup a notch and sweep it until the snare is at its quietest.

The best solution by far is converting to midi and using MIDI to trigger new sounds.

Although since you are planning to quantise later why not just write a new bass-drum track after you have quantised? :smiley: