Hello, every one.
ISR, It’s call internal sound recording.
if I play any song in media player and record in to wave lab pro 10.0 how can I do this?
what is the wave lab internal settings to record PC internal sound?
Kindly guide me. Thanks.

You need a driver which will accept the (presumably Windows media) output from the media player, and present it as an ASIO input which WaveLab can pick up. This is not a Windows feature; some audio interface drivers provide it, but not generally those for low-end audio interface drivers.

I have used the Virtual Audio Cable (Hi-Fi version) from VB-Audio to do this, though it was fiddly to set up; I believe others have used their VoiceMeeter or Banana products for the purpose.


This should be possible by using TotalMix of your RME Soundcard. I don’t recall the exact routing settings, but that worked for me last time I needed something similar.


Yes, as you have an RME UCX in your sig, just use TotalMix … configure a WDM device in the Hammerfall DSP Settings routed to the required outputs, then in TotalMix matrix (“M”) route it to the inputs you have configured in WaveLab. You could also just use RME DIGICheck’s Global Record function and load the recorded file into WaveLab.

But I have to ask, if you already have a “song” that you can play in Media Player, why not just load the file directly into WaveLab?

Up to WL9.5 this used to be easy in Windows using Windows MME. In WL10 you have to to use Total Mix Loopback or some other solution.