ISRC and CD Text Rendered with Montage

Hello, This is driving me nuts and is a longstanding annoyance with Wavelab that I though would be have been resolved by now. Please let me know if there is something im doing wrong… Here is my workflow. (WL8.5 on a mac )

  1. create montage with 24bit 48hz files and lay them out / Add Markers / insert ISRC and CD Text.
  2. export the regions as AAC files for Itunes plus.
  3. Render the Montage as 16bit 44.1khz and create as a new montage ( markers are copied across )
  4. Re enter all the ISRCs and CD Text ( Annoying )

IS there a way round this…

Yes, check the option “Create Cd image and cue sheet” in the render dialog.

How does that manage the extra data (MfiT is 24/48, CD 44.1/16)? Are you saying change master section, then render as CD image?


Put the Resampler plugin in the Master Section, then render with the proper options.

Wow, All this time this has been hiding from me.

It would be good ( and sensible ) to have this info move across automatically when rendering a montage and clicking the open as new montage button…