isrc autonumbering request

I asked this question on the Facebook group and Justin Perkins suggested I ask it here for PG, as he thought this is not implemented.
It would be great, as the numbers around here are generally built like this with the last digit reserved for version number.

“Noob question: any way to set up the auto isrc numbering a custom way? Here in my neck if the woods, the final digit is mostly reserved for version info, so the count starts from the second last digit. So, track one would be (final 3 digits) 010, track two 020…track ten 100, eleven 110 etc. When I enter the first isrc and have wavelab auto-input the rest of the album, it just adds one to the final digit, giving me a sequence of 010, 011, 012 etc which is not what I want. I’m sure it’s in there, just haven’t figured it out. Manually entering these gets old…”

As you know there is already an ISRC generator, but it does not support your request. I note your idea anyway.

Thanks Philippe!
It would make mine and probably many others workflow towards the end of a project way easier!
And less prone to human error! :slight_smile:


I just copy and paste for the rest of the numbers after I have done the first number. Then all I have to do is change the last two numbers. FWIW

Yeah, that’s what I do also, but since there are so many options for customisation in wavelab, I figured this should be possible…