ISRC Codes and Metadata Do Not Show

After mastering my audio files I try to play them in iTunes, but the meta data such as ISRC Codes and the Song Names, Artist Names, Genre do not show up in iTunes. I also cut a CD but when I play it back the same thing happens. Can some please weigh in on this for me?

Thanks in advance.

iTunes will not “read” ISRC or other meta data such as track names from the wave file (or pretty much anything else).

When uploading into iTunes, iTunes Producer requires this information to be entered manually.

If you play the CD through a computer, essentially nothing much consumer level will read this data … at least not without changing some settings. However, once the CD data is entered into a database such as Gracenote, the computer (and some car stereos) will retrieve the data from that database and display the track information.

Additionally, not all CD players are capable of “reading” this information.

Gracenote info:

Hope this helps.

Yes, this is a classic non-issue. Even more info here:

and here:

Thank you all for your expedient and informative replies, I do appreciate and hope to return the favor.