isrc & ean/upc codes


so isrc codes and ean/upc code, that is something that get burned into the audio cd and ddp.
But if I render digital files - wav and mp3, from the audio montage, this information won’t be written into the digital files??

ISRC Codes can be written into WAV files when rendered from the montage. WaveLab is one of the few apps capable of adding ISRC codes into WAV files via the EBU Standard to the AXML portion of the WAV file metadata. mp3 and AAC files can also have the ISRC embedded in the ID3v2 portion of metadata. WAV files can too but the standard for WAV files is to place it in the AXML chunk.

I just have it built into my main montage metadata preset that transfers all CD-Text and important info to the metadata of rendered WAV and mp3 files. It’s easy. I’m not sure if I have shared this preset with you but here it is:

When loaded into a montage, it basically transfers over all the main important info to rendered WAV/mp3/AAC files from already entered CD-Text and info.

There is a Factory Preset that will also get you started for this (but might wipe out other metadata settings so be careful). See the screen shot:

The EAN/UPC I know and care less about because that is generally tied to a physical product (CD, vinyl, cassette) and I really have not had the need or request to tag WAV or mp3 with UPC, I’ve only added it to the CD/DDP master when provided.
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 4.33.31 PM.png

Thanks Justin.

So wav can contain ISRC. Then I wonder if I can “read” that from the rendered file in some way?
When I import it back to wavelab? Or maybe with this “hofa player” you use to talk about?

If you open the WAV in WaveLab as a standalone file and check the Metadata tab, WaveLab will show you if an ISRC is embedded as well as other info. (see attachment). To me, it’s not always the easiest thing to read though and can look a little messy.

Sonoris makes a good and simple ISRC Editor app which is free:

At one point, editing the ISRC codes with the Sonoris app would wipe out any existing metadata but they may have fixed that by now. It’s a good app for verifying or double checking ISRC in WAV files. I just use the WaveLab montage metadata option for writing the ISRC code right from the montage to save a step.

HOFA won’t really help you with this situation.
Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 4.45.13 PM.png

And one more question Justin:

Tagging the wavs and mp3 with metadata and isrc is not something I HAVE TO do?
Since this information is sent to the aggregator (cdbaby) and Gracenote anyway?

Right. As of now, basically all (if not all) aggregators require that you enter the ISRC codes and all metadata again anyway when you upload each WAV. Doing this is mostly about potential future-proofing of you files, and there are some broadcast scenarios that require or prefer the ISRC to be embedded in the WAV but if nobody is asking you specifically, you probably don’t need to worry about.

We might see a time when aggregators can grab all the info from the WAV file metadata but I’m not holding my breath.

Gracenote has no knowledge of ISRC codes and only recognizes CDs based on the number of tracks and respective track lengths.

I think it’s great that WaveLab can do all this, and it’s good to have the knowledge and practice for any future needs but be prepared to enter in all this data again when the WAV files are uploaded to the aggregator.

Ok, I am going to try loading this preset some day this coming week. But exactly where do I load it in the program?

You’ll have to figure out where WaveLab keeps all your presets. The simplest way is to go to the metadata tab a montage, and choose “organize presets”. This should open up the folder where WaveLab stores the specific presets for montage metadata options.

Then paste this preset in there manually and you’ll see it as an option within WaveLab.

I have is saved as part of the montage templates for album so it’s just always on and I never have to think about it.

Thanks. I will try this! Maybe I get back to this post later =)