ISRC embedded in 24bit Wav PCM masters

How can I do that to follow the EBU standard outlined here:

See this:

Great! Thanks for the quick answer…and for Watch Folders…pure genius.

Will the ISRCs follow if I later convert to mp3 from the 24bit master, or do I have to embed this to every conversion?

BWF is only for WAVs, this won’t follow inside mp3.
However, the supplied preset also store the ISRC in the ID3v2 meta-data, and this will be found in mp3 too.
Verify at the end that you made everything correctly.

I see. Thanks again.
BTW…is there a way to do timeline automation on a plugin in Wavelab like in Cubase/Nuendo?

Not yet.

Does the AXML + ID3v2 comply with this new attempt at a standard?:

I rendered some 16-bit WAV files with the AXML + ID3v2 preset, and checked the WAVs with the new Sonoris ISRC Editor software:

This Sonoris software is not showing that ISRC codes are embedded. I understand that Wavelab is embedding the code somewhere but if possible I would like to be able to embed the codes into a place that is becoming standard.

Or maybe it’s because this new standard is for BWAV and not standard WAV. I admit that I’m not very familiar with the difference between the two.

Does the AXML + ID3v2 comply with this new attempt at a standard?:


This Sonoris software is not showing that ISRC codes are embedded.

But if you open the file in WaveLab, do you see the ISRC?

This is what I see when I open the rendered WAV in Wavelab editor:
Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 12.50.31 PM.png

And this is what I see after I enter the ISRC code to the same WAV via the Sonoris ISRC Editor:
Sonoris ISRC.png

I want to be sure that moving forward, any ISRC codes of rendered WAVs are embedded correctly and I assume that the Sonoris ISRC editor is up to date with the latest standard.

I can only get an ISRC code to appear in the Sonoris ISRC Editor if I enter the code using Sonoris ISRC Editor.

Maybe I put too much trust into the Sonoris or maybe the Sonoris is only for Broadcast WAV files and not standard WAV.

Thanks for your help.

After verification, I see that WaveLab stores the data with the “aXML” signature, rather than the “axml” signature.
Some programs read both signatures, but the official signature is “axml” and WaveLab should be updated to comply to this.

This is good to know, thanks.

PG, I’ve just found that Wavelab encoded files can be easily “fixed” for Sonoris with BWF MetaEdit by using the green aXML buttons, but I wondered if you know of any other non-DAW programs that read the aXML chunk. Also in 8.03, I don’t see the aXML listed in the metadata properties if I open a file that’s been encoded (in Wavelab or Sonoris). Only see the id3 ISRC of the Wavelab file. Will that readback capability be added?

If a file has been encoded by WaveLab, you can see the aXML meta-data again.

There is a hack to solve the problem rather easily (for some). Open the wav file in a binary editor, find and replace aXML for axml.

Thanks PG. The BWFMetaEdit method is to open an album worth of encoded files and click the aXML column entries where they say Yes. That will open the code window, and when you close the window the Yes will turn green. Do that for all the files and then click Save on the left. Trace will show what was changed:

00000000 024E0ED2 WAVE
0000000C 0000001C JUNK
00000030 00000010 fmt
00000048 00000022 id3
00000072 024E0C54 data
024E0CCE 00000204 axml

00000000 024E0EDC WAVE
0000000C 00000010 fmt
00000024 00000022 id3
0000004E 0000001C FLLR
00000072 024E0C54 data
024E0CCE 0000020D axml

Does that look ok to you? I verified nothing else about the files was changed.

Sonoris files also have the JUNK, but it’s not changed, as the column entries don’t turn green, which enables the Save.

This looks ok. The Junk is for RF64 support, but it not needed when the file is finished.

PG, I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but I can’t get any aXML encoded ISRC wav file to read back the aXML in Wavelab 8.03 at all, whether encoded in Sonoris or Wavelab. The aXML chunk doesn’t list at all in the wav file metadata properties readback like it does in BWF Metaedit or Sonoris. Am I missing something, or can that capability be added?

When I open a wav file in WaveLab 8.0.3, set something in the aXML box, save the file, close the file, reopen the file, then I can see the aXML data again.

You’re right PG. My mistake. It just doesn’t read back the aXML “corrected” by BWFMetaEdit at all (no aXML in properties, and empty aXML in the tab editor). But I guess that makes sense, and will wait for your corrected version.