ISRC in WAV creation

I know how to do this in the audio file workspace on a per file basis, but is there a way to just inherit the CD-Text and ISRC from the montage/CD creation window where all files/ISRC, etc. are already setup? I’ve tried what the manual says about rendering new files, but they never contain the meta data that I can create by doing one file at a time. Even tried making a DDP and reimporting, and it didn’t have the meta data either.

Any thoughts on what I’m missing here? Seems like I’ve tried the most obvious things.


Yes, this is possible and WaveLab is even designed to do so. But not through the DDP path.
You have to setup the meta-data from the montage workspace. Then use the Render option “Render regions / CD Track”, and you have to set the proper meta data option in the wav output format, so that it inherit from the montage meta data. I recommend you to read the documentation on the subject.

As mentioned, I DID read the documentation, and no, it does not work on my system, using exactly what you say (as in the manual), and setting the wav type to “inherit” the data after choosing “render regions/CD track”. DDP was my next step to try to make it work. Suggesting I read the docs isn’t helpful at all, as that’s where I always start.

Fortunately, the free tool BWF Metaedit ( allows a very easy reading of a folder of files, then export and edit in CSV or XML, then reimport and quickly writes the metadata to all files in one fell swoop.

Unless something else comes to mind that may be helpful, I’ll just be using the BWF tool as another Wavelab workaround.

Ok, I’ve poked around quite a bit more, and think I have it doing what I want, though the manual is pretty sparse in this respect. It would be quite useful if the program came with a simple “read ISRC and CD-text and apply to files being created” preset- much less fussing around would be necessary- customizing can always come later, once the client has what they need.