isrc into .wav file

Does anybody know if it is possible to embed an isrc code into a digital file like a .wav using Wavelab7 (or any other method)?
Probably it doesn’t make any sense to do this, since the distributors ask you for an isrc code when you upload the song. But I was wondering if it is possible to get the code permanently embedded into the .wav file anyway.
Thank you for any suggestion.


Yes and no !

regards S-EH

Thanks S-EH.
Do you think it would work if I master the song on cd with the isrc code and then rip the .wav file from the cd?

read here,

It’s possible to write ISRC code in the BWF comment field by hand
other than this sorry I don’t know

regards S-EH

Hi …

I’m genuinely interested as to what the practical purpose of this would be.

From the perspective that I can always learn something and in the context that (for example) iTunes Producer will not read ISRCs … requiring the number to be re-entered in the upload process.

Also, how would you produce a report/verify the details of the encoding for the client/label to sign off on? I’ve had at least two instances last year where the label either changed or sent me initially the incorrect codes. After you’ve embedded them, how time consuming would it be to alter them?

Thank you for all the comments and links. It seems to me that there is no real reason to embed the isrc into the file (as I suspected). This client of mine insists quite a lot on doing it. But since the radio ask for a separate file or printed copy of the isrc codes, I see no use at all. Tunecore and CDBaby do the rest for the online market.
Thanks again