I retrograde to 1.1.53 to compare, listening with my ears, and watching the comparison of UR44 software mixer.

The display of what input of a direct channel on ur44 mixer , compare to what DAW signal (vstlive) show, is that vst live is double.
And my ear confirm. I try with mic and with digital piano i use every day.
Compare to direct, or compare to cubase, or compare to 1.1.53 (where i had balanced my parts, piano voice and backing track. the volume is so louder now than before.

In my issue of 1.154, someone notice and wrote about this double sound.

Display in stereo out in not out of scale, but the result is a LOUD VOLUME , double than expected.

If you use some effects, it is more evidence than without.

Better you check.

We did find one issue with Stacks which has been fixed wit 1.1.56.
Other than that, created an audio in VST Live, and the same in Cubase 12, same in and out hardware (UR44C), no differnce.
What do you do?

i’m rolling back into 1.1.53, SAME PROJECT, same volume into ur44, and I have the right level, in that 3 situation : direct ur44 , into cubase (direct or not), vst live.

In 1.1.55 (and 1.1.54) is louder, double than before.

Nothing strange in my setup, nothing. For digital piano, without any fx, into vst live and into ur44 mixer.

Now tried again to install 1.1.55, with the mike open, same project, listening with audio monitor, NO TOUCH LEVELS.

NOW IT LARSEN because of the louder volume.

I’m sure.

pls check again with 1.1.56 coming very soon. That is what I tested.

Now you talk about Instruments…don’t know anything about your project. But took the time to create a new VST Live Project, Layer set to Halion Sonic SE with “Compressed Grand Piano” and checked levels in dspMix Fx URC. Then in Cubase 12 Create Empty, added Instrument track with same instrument same sound - and same level.

If the problem persists with 1.1.56, pls try to narrow it, one track, or one instrument so we can reproduce, thanks.

No no no, you don’t understand.
I spoke about piano, digital piano , NO LAYERS.

1 STACK WITH INPUT 3 AND 4 WITH MY ROLAND RD-800, with its own sounds.
But same with my microphone, shure.

It’s a simply part with any of any, just the audio connection.

Look the photo of a sound produced by keyboard, look the channel (muted) 3 and 4 of ur44, compared to DAW channel (that comes to vst live, any effect, level 0 for all,

Ok, but where is your audio input, track, Stack…? If the latter, did you try to disable Stack Fx Channels?

Yes, Now i confirm it’s fx1 and 2 into stacks

I tried just now as you told me, to disable fx 1 and fx 2 into stacks (was empty), and one after the others the volume goes down, at the expected level…

ok waiting 1.156 for fix, i get off that two fx in every parts…


Great that we could solve it and sorry for that bug.

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I confirm the issue is solved on 1.1.60.