[Issue] 6.05 Can't Input Text In Pool After Export

This was a problem in for me 6.04 as well.

  1. Export audio mix (cycle markers), adding exported files to the pool.
  2. Attempt to change filename in the pool by (slowly) double-clicking on it in the pool.

The option to enter text is unavailable. The sample editor will open up with a fast double-click, but text editing is not possible.

  1. Quit Nuendo and restart.
  2. Text can be entered in the pool filenames as normal.

I have also had this problem when renaming cycle markers in the info line of the Arrange window.
Though repeatable, it does not happen EVERY time. It may depend on the length of the export, or the number of cycle markers.

For instance, after exporting about 7 hours’ worth of markers, the issue occured. I restarted Nuendo and exported two more cycle markers-- much shorter-- and there was no problem.

I’ve encountered this issue with my last three exports, in projects ranging from 8 to 15 hours.


Just happened again… and for kicks, I checked to see if just closing the project and re-opening it would work.

It did not. Had to start N6 up all over again.

Anybody else getting this? BTW, this time was NOT after exporting hours of tracks-- just a few minutes’ worth.