[ISSUE- 9.5.1} Opening up floating piano roll MID editor can cause significant audio glitching on Mac.

I know that the Mac GUI problems are still being worked on and that was one that’s been mentioned for a long time, but thought I’d report this major issue that’s still happening.


  1. In a project that is using significant CPU power (say, above 70% or so), open up the floating piano roll MIDI editor of any instrument or MIDI track during playback.
  2. You will often get significant audio glitching and dropouts.

Thanks for fixing soon!

I’m having a momentary dropout as well when opening a MIDI Event via the Piano Roll during Playback.

CPU @ 12%
Currently playing: Zebra 2 in Cubase and Spitfire strings via VEP running on a second machine

I switched to Studio One for a few years so I’m less familiar with why this may be happening now. That said I’ve ran much more before without a problem in Cubase before. The only significant thing about my template is that my expression map has over 1,200 articulation combinations mapped in it. That may sound ridiculous, but I’ve ran this much in Cubase without a problem as well, only a couple weeks ago even. I believe it’s a 9.5.1 - 9.5.3 bug, as my previous 9.5.0 build didn’t have this problem. I just reinstalled Windows and ran into this with the latest Cubase build.

It’s not enough of an annoyance for me to bother registering online and submitting a support ticket. I’m only reporting that my specs are different with the same issue. Perhaps a moderator can submit a ticket, so Cubase can improve.


EDIT: After more experimenting, I discovered that the dropout only happens when I open the MIDI Event during a spot where the strings are playing via VEP. Zebra 2 (ran in Cubase) doesn’t drop out.