[issue] A Key Command won't work in DrumEditor

A long time ago I moved the Key Command for “Marker 1” with the default assignment of [NumPad1] to [Home] because that way I get two more KC for markers and it made sense to have [Home] & [End] used for Position to left or right locator.

For some reason this works like a charm in all places but not in the Key Editor. [Home] does nothing there? But if I assign it back again to [NumPad1] it works again.

And for the screaming majority of Cubase users this doesn’t matter but anyway, I’d like to point this out and maybe even get a reaction from Steinberg??? :mrgreen: Funny guy, eh? :blush: Oh, well!

Home/End should be for the start and finish of the song.

(sorry for the OT, but)
I started to test this, but came up against something really strange (and I really don’t see how I could have never noticed this in all the years I’ve been using Cubase!.. maybe it is specific to Mac, or only to Intel-Mac, or only to Mac OS X 10.6?)…
My “Home” and “End” keys are still assigned to the default “Top” and “Bottom” KCs. I simply tried them inside the Key Editor… here, they both cause selected notes to nudge up one step! :open_mouth: (and I’ve just checked that in Cubase 5 and even Cubase 4… it’s doing the same thing there!)

In the project window are they assigned to zoom functions?

If so, as Ulf has pointed out they’d be better being assigned to locator type functions, of which I suggest the beginning and end of the song by default.

No, they are assigned to the default “Top” and "Bottom’ (i.e. 1st track/last track).

Anyways, it isn’t the keys that are the problem, it is the commands themselves (I tried assigning different keys to those functions, with the same result).

Yes, but the question will always be what is the most appropriate assignment?

For me I install the software and barely even customize it, since often I must trash preferences anyway, so anything that Steinberg can do to review default assignments and modify them as necessary is a good thing.

(once again, these are the Steinberg defaults for those two keys :wink: )

Yes, and I submit that they change them to something that I see would be more useful.

Does anyone else agree?

I don’t have any particularly strong feelings about it. Your suggestion certainly makes sense, but on the other hand, those two keys, in say, a text editor, do indeed navigate to top and bottom, respectively.

Anyways (sorry for having gotten off-topic)…
So I liberated the Home and End keys, then assigned them to Left and Right Locator, tried them inside the Key Editor… worked just fine.
Then I re-read the title of this topic, where in fact you talk about the Drum Editor, so I tried there…
… and you are right!.. It instead navigates to top and bottom of the drum list (even though I had disconnected them from those two key Commands)

Exactly vic

The point is the behavior is inconsistent, so therefore my view is steinberg should look at this behavior in general, eg you double click on a part at a given point in a project and yet you are “transported” to wherever the locator currently is, whether the sequencer is playing back or is stationary.

P.S. I know Ulf loves his KC’s so I doubt he’d mind a discussion about them in his thread.